Appearance is the key for Interview

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Appearance plays vital role to demonstrate your personality in your daily life. Before you open mouth, your appearance would have spoken with a high volume. A famous tell by William Shakespeare

“All that glister is not gold;

Often have you heard that told:

Many a man his life hath sold

But my outside to behold:

Gilded tombs do worms enfold.”

There’s no doubt regarding the statement but, there is no loss either if you have a good appearance or if you glister by holding a mesmerizing inner quality. Diamond is a good example “despite having carbon from inside, it is valuable due to its appearance“. Assume what will happen if your appearance itself is showing your inner quality. “Appearance is not what we wear or what we show as a fashion, it is an act of presenting, performing, participating and delevering with all your skills and quality in any event or regular life“.

Appearance can be a powerful and useful tool in controlling the kind of message you send to others. With a little common sense and attention to detail, you can easily make sure that first impression is your best. In a job interview, there are a lot of things for which you have to be prepared, and many things are there which can’t be controlled but trust me “Appearance is not one of them“. A job applicant cannot go wrong displaying an unpleasant attitude or conservative demeanor during a job interview. The employer is looking for a candidate who is going to present the company/ organization to the world market. So, an interviewer is looking for a candidate who is only good as per the skills but also preferred the overall appearance including your knowledge and skills.

How does appearance will help you throughout the interview??

The first impression is indeed the last” is a statement followed by every interviewer in the industry. Before you open your mouth to speak, your appearance would have spoken volumes about you. Many interviewers noted that the first items observed in that three-minute time frame were whether the applicant was the same or different from him/her. 

Despite having a good skill set for the position sometimes if your first impression is unsatisfied with the interviewer it’s gonna be tough throughout the interview. Always align your skillset and performance with a good appearance. This will help you to build high-level confidence in you, which will lead you to present your skills in a pleasant way to the interviewer. So, always try to be you with your skills and appearance.

The interviewer can easily get some points by going through your appearance.

Confidence: Dressing professionally and setting an appearance aligning your skillset will boost your confidence and create a positive mindset for the interviewer. The appearance will help you out to bring out your best performance by your confidence.

Respect: A large part of appearance to impress in an interview is in learning about the company in advance of the interview and getting a feel for how people outfit themselves. Dressing in the right attire for an interview shows that you’re serious about the job, respectful of the interviewer’s time, and are genuinely interested in the position. It also demonstrates an understanding of the corporate culture and showcases you as someone who would fit easily into the workplace dynamic.

Professionalism: Even if you believe that you should be judged on your talent and ability and not on your appearance, dressing appropriately for the situation demonstrate that you have respect for your employer and clients, and you are willing to follow the directives in the workplace. Your attitude should align with your skill set and always should be open for the suggestions and deliver the best from you. 

How to Dress for your Interview???

I will suggest you wear attire, which will make you comfortable and build your confidence. Always try to project a professional image as per the company requirements and position. The key to projecting a professional image is, first and foremost, to dress conservatively. Some guidelines you can follow:

  • Well-groomed hairstyle.
  • Clean, manicured fingernails.
  • Minimal perfume or cologne. Best if applied at least two hours before the interview. A little goes a long way in a small, closed interview room.
  • Empty pockets? no tinkling change or bulges.
  • No gum or cigarettes.

Guidelines for girl/ women

Suit: Conservative business suit or dress of natural or woven-blend fabric in a soft color complementing your appearance. (In India, it’s fine to wear ethenic like salwar suits, if it’s comfortable for you and build your confidence).

Shirt/Top: Simple, white or soft color, neat and clean. Avoid very frilly styles and low-cut necklines.

Shoes: Sensible shoes, polished, medium heels in a color that matches your outfit.

Hose: natural, beige, or tan. Avoid patterns or lacy stockings.

Jewelry: Simple, minimal. One set of earrings is fine.

Nail polish: Either clear or conservative color.

Makeup: Moderate.

Guidelines for men

Suit: Dark blue, gray, brown, or very muted pin-stripes. A good-quality woven blend of natural fibers looks professional. Suits should be properly tailored and freshly dry-cleaned.

Shirts: A good quality, white button-down or white classic collar preferred. Most importantly, make sure the shirt is pressed.

Ties: Silk or good quality blends only with conservative stripes or plain that complement your suit. The tip of a tie should end near the center of the belt buckle.

Shoes: Dark, polished slip-on or laced dress shoes in black, brown, or cordovan with accomplishing shocks.

Facial hair: No beards, mustaches. If you must, make sure it is neatly trimmed.

Jewelry: No chains, bands, or necklaces showing. No rings, other than a wedding ring or college ring, no earrings.


At a job interview, even one of the following items can negatively affect that first impression. So, always avoid these habits of:

  • Physical habits such as tapping fingers or clicking pens, bouncing legs or shuffling feet.
  • Chewing gum or smoking.
  • Messy or unclean hair. Unusual hair, such as lettering cut into it, spikes, bleached, odd colors.
  • Negative body odors or strong cologne/ perfume.
  • Visible tattoos.
  • Torn or patched clothing.
  • Too much jewelry or jewelry attached to odd places visible on the body.
  • Unpolished shoes, gym shoes, sports shoes.
  • Any form of poor grooming.

Every body needs to pay close attention to every aspect of appearance and presentation, and this is the time to demonstrate your skills align with your appearance to the interviewer and convince him or her that you are the solution to their problems.

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