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10 Tips for Web Developers

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Currently, the market is shifting from manual operative way to the fast track business and then Web development is coming in the picture.

“Web development is a set of skilled attitude in which web designing is placed at a very high pace and that design should be functional’. We can define this differently too, “Web development is a set of skills to optimize the process from manual to fast-track platform, where it can overcome with market challenges and reach the mass customer, with a better user-friendly functionality“. 

As a beginner or a newbie Web Developer, one can get confused with What to learn? Where to start? What to do? How to do?… There might be a lot of confusion but one thing u need to do is “start learning the skills and practice as much as you can“.

Yes…Yes… my dear engineers I can understand your next question is “What to learn..?” isn’t it?

I know we IT engineers are very fantasized to have fast food instead of wasting time to cook and eat, but here the irony is u have to survive a war of research on market and trend to be a good “Web Developer“, it means first you have to cook, then only you can eat… Don’t go with the flow in the crowd of developers. Try to reach the market trend but with future security and demand.

We can see a simple example of “Python“. Before 10 years’, no one even can think that Python is going to occupy the market of AI, ML and most of the development. I mean “Python” was firstly appeared in 1990 and after that, there was not much sign of it. So, choose the skills which will build the present as well as the future of your web development career. 

The skills of front-end, as well as back-end development, can make you a complete web developer. You don’t need to choose both, it’s your interest to choose and become what you want to be. Whether you wanna be a “front-end developer? back-end developer? or a complete web developer?“.  

Here are some points which can help the beginners and professionals to become a better Web Developer.


Sounds familiar??? Yup… that’s a common thing in each platform. As a beginner choose the skills which can help you to understand from basic. Like for front-end developers first get the skills of HTML, CSS, JS, etc… then only try to reach other levels or skills. Always try to keep your root strong, so that latter you can move towards the market demand and requirements easily. 


Everything is changing as per the market demand. By learning the skills you are not going to build a better career, always you need to explore the things and try to improve yourselves. Try to explore your work so that you can apply a different approach to get better output ad results, try to explore other’s best work and get some ideas and enhance your skills and creativity.


The most important thing is to update your skills as per the market demand and to reach the business perspective. There is no use of out dated-skills and things in the current market even the discounts tag also cannot the outdated skills. 

So, always try to explore, learn and update yourself with market demand and business strategies.

4.Use of resources

Yes, we are in an era where we like “free, discounts and offer’s” kind of things. This is the correct time of using free resources. You can get a lot of free resources on the Internet and if you wanna spend money you can try the paid one too…. but try to use those resources to update your skills, to optimize your creativity and to reach a better strategy and outcomes.

5. Be organized with your techniques

Techniques are always going to play a vital role in any job profile. As a Web Developer, You should be clear with the strategy to develop and reach the correct functionality which will serve the user in a friendly manner. Techniques can be developed by best practices and can be inherited by the help of others. But a web developer should focus on the technique and strategy for a better career.

6.Use of Frameworks and Dummy tools

For a good start, to get a good exposer and to make the root strong traditional way is always better like writing the code in normal editor, etc. But as you became moderate or more use some web development tools or editor which will enhance your development process and also it will reduce the time consumed for the development. Use of frameworks like Bootstrap, rest API can enhance the output and can give a better quality of output.

7. Be realistic serve the client and job, but work for your passion

Sometimes, being in a job we are fully focused on the job and the official work. Personally, it’s not good for the developers. Web developers should find a way or time to work on their project, to improvise skills in terms of passion. A person can bored with the job but always loves to live the passion. So try to think and develop some projects which will let you live your passion.

8.Reinvent and utilize

Nowadays a lot of plugin’s and frameworks made by more experienced developers are available and making the other developer’s life easier. But don’t you realize that by using those plugins/ frameworks you are becoming the more user and less developer. There’s a lot of truth to this, I agree we have less time and more work. But instead of using other plugins can’t we develop one and reuse whenever we need it. Every Web Developer should need to think and realize that this approach atleast for smaller plugin’s, this can make them a better developer.

9. Stay active and plan before you do

The plan is very important for Web Developer too. Whenever you are starting the project plan accordingly with a particular timeline. Always try to be active to complete the timeline with better features in organizing and realistic manner. 

10.Commit and safety

Whenever you are developing projects, always you need to keep in mind that you are not only building a project, you have to give full security to the project and keep the user data, user safe from the hundreds of fraud available in the market. Fulfill your commitment and always keep your code safely in some repository. It might help you further.  

Always remember the line from Christopher Dayagdag, “We don’t build website, we build websites that SELLS”. We give a life to business, Yes… we are helping to restablish the buiness according to the market. 

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